Monday, September 24, 2012

Change to the Same

From wooden building blocks to building with wooden blocks. Things change and yet they stay the same.

Those were the thoughts going through my mind this weekend as I helped College Dude construct a feline Taj Mahal.

College Dude and Language Lass are welcoming brother and sister Siamese cats into their family. In anticipation of the cats' arrival, College Dude decided the royal pair needed a palace.

And a palace is just what we built. 

Only instead of sitting on the family room floor and stacking wooden blocks one atop the other as we did twenty-three years ago, this weekend we stood at a workbench fastening blocks of wood together as we built a towering edifice with no change of falling down as those building block towers were prone to do.

We worked with material pulled out of the back of College Dude's car rather that out of a toy box. And although College Dude had come with a set of plans we still considered each block of wood carefully - wondering if it really was the best piece for the next building phase.

In the end we constructed a kitty playground as fantastical as the towers we designed those many years ago.

It's nice to know that some things never change.

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